Established in 2017, my aim is to unlock opportunities by sourcing competitive funding solutions for my Property Developer and Investor clients.

Typically deal sizes range between £250,000 and £10,000,000.
My 18 years in the financial sector have helped me to establish a strong professional network in the Property World, which means I have relationships with Architect, Planning Consultants, Property Lawyers, Surveyors and Agents.
Most importantly, I understand which financial institutions have a genuine appetite to lend into the Property sector – I pride myself on knowing the key people, which helps to ensure my clients receive the best possible deal and in a timely manner.
Whether you’re a first time Developer or Investor, or you are already established but looking to continue on your successful journey, I have much to offer.
No deal is too big or too small and all are equally as important to me. Rarely is a deal transactional, but is hopefully part of a strong working relationship over many years.
Professionalism, integrity and absolute transparency are at the heart of my business ethos, ensuring I always act in my clients best interests.


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